Eolic energy in Brazil is often used to pump water for irrigation, but there are practically no mills to produce electric energy. At the end of 2007 Brazil had a generation capacity of 247 MW, of which 208 MW were installed during 2006. Brazil is the only country in Latin America and the Caribbean with the greatest capacity to generate eolic energy.
The country’s first eolic generation project was made in Pernambuco on the Fernando de Noronha Island to guarantee energy supply for the island that before was dependent of a diesel generator.
Practically the entire Brazilian territory has good wind conditions for the installation of eolic generators. The Brazilian eolic energy received a great impulse with the Federal Government’s Proinfa program, which permits the installation of new mills in various locations in Brazil, particularly along the northeast and south coastline of Brazil. Since 2000 mills were installed in Mucuripe (Fortaleza-CE), Prainha (CE) and the biggest are the Eolic Park of Osório (RS), which produces 150 MW and Rio do Fogo (RN).
Eolic energy is considered today one of the most promising natural supply of energy, principally because it is renewable, that is, it is inexhaustible. In addition to this, eolic turbines can be used not only connected with electric networks, but also in isolated places.
In 2005 the world generation capacity of eolic energy was approximately 59 gigawatts – sufficient to supply the basic necessities of a country like Brazil, although this represents less than 1% of the world’s energy use.
Eolic Generator
In some countries electric energy generated by wind represents a significant part of the demand. In Denmark, this represents 23% of the production, 6% in Germany and about 8% in Portugal (data – September 2007) and in Spain. Globally, generation of eolic energy has increased more than fourfold between 1999 and 2005.
X-ray of an Eolic Generator
Eolic energy is renewable, clean, amply distributed globally, and, if used to substitute fossil fuels, helps to reduce the world’s greenhouse effect.
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